ltn Roll Mat Bag / Heat Resistant Case for Hair Straighteners

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Turn off your hair straighteners, pop them in the pouch, zip-up and roll-up. A heat-resistant mat, which nattily rolls up around the pouch, provides a safe resting place for your hot styler. Yes, it’s perfect for travelling, but it’s also perfect if you don’t travel and just want a cute bag for your styler


  • Safely store your styler as soon as you switch it off
  • Put straighteners and curling irons away while still hot thanks to the clever heat-resistant lining on the inside
  • It is perfect for travelling
  • SUITABLE for most of standard size straighteners
  • NOTE: Our pouch is for hair straighteners and appliances without exposed heating elements. It is not for clothes irons, hair tongs/wands or anything else which requires direct contact with a surface when you put it down. If your appliance is broken, has chipped or exposed shielding, this product is not suitable for use

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