Well, the weather outside is frightful, but your hair can stay delightful! Sydney Salon Supplies has seven great tips to keep your hair hydrated during the winter months.

Avoid Chemicals with Healthier Products

Stay away from products containing drying agents like alcohol, peroxide, and ammonia. Hairsprays and other styling aides meant to tame your locks will actually have the opposite effect when it’s cold. Instead of controlling your style, they will create dry hair that feels unhealthy and leads to flyaways.

Use nourishing products that are free of harsh chemicals like Muk Spa Argan Oil Repair Shampoo & Conditioner . If you’ve been coloring or highlighting your hair, update to a healthier regimen that uses permanent color on roots and hair gloss on lengths and ends. It’ll keep your hair color vibrant, locks lustrous, and strands deeply conditioned.

Micro Trims

Even if you’re keeping hair long, regular haircuts will keep your hair in great shape through a harsh winter. Micro trims prevent exhausted ends from splitting and running up the hair shaft, which will lead to damage and breakage. Regular trims keep your hair healthy and looking polished. 

Top it Off

You wear a coat to keep you warm, but what about your head? Reports vary about how much body heat is lost through the head (the latest studies estimate 7-10%), but it’s substantial enough to make you cold and take a toll on hair.

Invest in some cute knit beanies, a wool beret, a vintage cloche, or even a chic retro fedora. Hats help maintain the moisture level of your scalp and protect your hair against whipping winds and extreme weather. You’ll also look chic and stylish without shivering.

Bring the Tropics to Your Bedroom

Indoor heating dries the air out in houses and apartments. Sleeping in that dry heat can also deplete your hair and skin of moisture. Use a humidifier to add moisture back to the air in your home. It will make your skin and hair feel rejuvenated overnight, making you look and feel more well-rested. An added bonus: humidifiers will reduce the static in hair and clothing, which is another winter annoyance.

Make Your Conditioner Work

Turn your daily conditioner into a deep conditioner. Try Hi Lift True Hydrate Nourish & Repair Conditioner. You can get more milage out of the conditioner by leaving it in while you go to the gym or complete a few chores around the house. If staying home while conditioning, slip on a shower cap to retain body heat and help the conditioner sink into hair more deeply. 

If going out of home, try Hi Lift Leave-In Conditioner Spray Treatment. Spray it through... your hair will be as invigorated as you are after your shower!.

Get a Tight Seal on Your Cuticles

When your hair is dry, the cuticles of each hair shaft lift up. This makes hair look limp, lifeless, and dull because the physical structure of each strand is no longer smooth and reflecting light.

Help smooth down your cuticles with finishing off with a cold water rinse at the end of your shower (if that sounds too chilly, try rinsing your hair with cold water in the sink right after your shower). You should also use a cold air blast, pointing in the same direction as your hair grows, at the end of each styling session with the blow dryer. This will help guide your hair cuticles back down for a smoother, shinier look.

Drink Plenty of Water and Eat Well

Last but not least, healthy hair grows from a healthy you! Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Also, eat well. The best foods for great hair are beans, nuts, whole grains, salmon, and dark, leafy greens. Ask your doctor if it’s safe for you to take fish oil supplements and/or biotin as both will fortify your hair to withstand a cold winter. This is a longer term solution because it helps the health of hair that’s growing now, but it’s a great habit to get into!