Don’t you just love that tousled just-out-of-the-ocean texture that you can just put your hands through your hair, as its drying and it only gets better as the day goes on. 

Time didn’t permit unfortunately on my latest shoot with my gorgeous model #AmyPejkovic, that I recreated this beach texture on in the latest issue of Stellar magazine.…/d1572a36f678404e61f08b7…

Here’s how I went about getting Amy’s texture in just a few salty steps:
1. I started off on damp hair and sprayed approx eight squirts of #KMS Sea Salt Spray all over then raked through on a wide tooth comb.
2. Attached a diffuser on the end of my hairdryer and circling around the head so the heat is even at the same time. This method encourages the natural movement of the hair to maximum potential which is what I was after.
3. Dry off 90% with your hands and no brushes were used at all on Amy’s hair.
4. Now for the fun and bringing out the curls even more, I used the #GHDClassic Curve wand and picked up say one inch thick sections very haphazardly throughout and wound them from roots to ends. 
5. Remember not to go overboard here as that saying “less is more” will be your guide to live by. Then shake out your hair and your good to go.

Hope your enjoying the Summer guys and feel free to ask me any questions about your beach hair.
A x