5 reasons your hair needs Olaplex


Is Olaplex the right treatment for your hair? Check our list for the reasons your hair needs Olaplex and where to fit this revolutionary product into your hair routine.


Olaplex is a unique hair treatment that actually strengthens and rebuilds your hair. Olaplex is used in salon as part of the colouring process but can also be done as a treatment without colouring your hair.


It’s unlike other conditioning or protein treatments and works in a completely different way to other traditional haircare routines.


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5 reasons your hair needs Olaplex


You need Olaplex if:


  1. You’ve lightened your hair


For anyone colouring their hair lighter and going blonde, you definitely need to use Olaplex. It works in five different steps, each with its own important purpose for rebuilding strength in your hair.


Olaplex No. 1 should be added into your colour formula and Olaplex No.2  should be done post-colour to treat your hair.


Any blonde who knows how to look after their hair will be using Olaplex No.3 at least weekly at home, plus Olaplex No.4 and No.5 to treat their hair each time they shampoo and condition.


Lightening your hair can cause a lot of damage and break a lot of keratin bonds in your hair, so Olaplex is the solution to going lighter and keeping your hair looking its best.


  1. You heat style your hair a lot


Heat is one of the biggest reasons that the bonds in our hair are damaged and broken. So if you are regularly straightening, curling, waving or blowdrying your hair, you need to be using Olaplex.


It’s not just for colour; it’s also for hair that is heat damaged.


  1. Your natural curls are not looking their best


If your curls aren’t popping, Olaplex could be the secret treatment to restore them to their natural glory. Olaplex doesn’t change your hair structure; it repairs it to what it should be.


So if your curls are dry or damaged, an Olaplex No.3 treatment can help bring back your ringlets.


An Olaplex treatment has five different steps to it. Steps One, Two, Three and Four are silicone free, so they are fine to use if you’re following the Curly Girl Method. The Olaplex conditioner - Olaplex No.5 is a very low-silicone conditioner, so it’s great for all hair types as well.


  1. You’ve been outside too much


The sun can damage your hair more than heat styling. So if you have been spending a lot of time outside this summer, Olaplex home treatments could be exactly what you need to restore your hair as well.


  1. You have long hair


Olaplex will do amazing things to your long hair even if you’re super careful, don’t colour, don’t heat style and don’t get too much sun exposure.


Time takes its toll and it will have some damaging effects on your hair. Even with perfectly cared-for long locks, the bonds can still break over time and Olaplex treatment can give the bounce back to your long hair.


So if you tick any of these boxes it might be a time to give your hair a different kind of treatment and try Olaplex.


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