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Fine or thinning hair and a sensitive scalp need tender loving care.


The softer 100% pure boar bristle is just right for a gentle brushing and for penetrating to the scalp. The soft bristles massage and stimulate the sebaceous glands without irritation to the scalp. The handmade brush will spread the sebum throughout the hair to increase its strength resiliency and manageability. Only the finest premium-grade boar bristle which is gentle to the hair and scalp is used. Developed and patented more than 100 years ago Mason Pearson hairbrushes are considered the ultimate hair grooming tool. The brush is small to fit in pocket or purse with 5 rings of pure bristle. It measures 17cms by 5cms.

Ideal For: Grooming fine thin hair with sensitive scalp.

How It Works: The ingenious brush construction automatically adjusts to the contour of the scalp stimulating the natural conditioning oil - sebum - in the gland at the base of each hair shaft resulting in healthy glossy hair.
Only the finest premium-grade boar bristle which is gentle to the hair and scalp is used.
The pure boar bristle is gathered without harming the animal.
Keeps hair healthy and glossy by cleaning the hair and stimulating the scalp by increasing blood flow to the hair roots.
Spired uneven tufts of softer pure boar bristle are set in a pneumatic rubber cushion that gently conforms to the scalp.
Each individual tuft penetrates the hair to stimulate the scalp without irritation.

Beauty Benefits: Enhances hair's shine strength and sheen by spreading the scalps natural oil - sebum - throughout the hair.
Spreading sebum normalizes the scalp including both oily or dry scalps.
High quality softer pure boar bristle cleans the hair and gently stimulates the scalp.
No animals are harmed in the collection of the boar bristle.

Handmade in England.
Lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Suggested Use: Brush hair twice or three times a day using slow easy strokes. Bending from the waist brush hair from the nape of the neck to the front hairline. Brush the sides and crown the same way. Then stand erect again and reverse the process. Style as you like.

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